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Learning How to Read a Label

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1. What do I look for on a label?

This one can be complicated but we've made you a cheat sheet here. And there's a video here.

2. Do natural products clean as well as what I currently use?

The short answer in yes. The longer answer is here.


Easy products to start with...

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How to use it:

Simply blend 8 pumps of the Everything Soap into the empty foamer pump and add purified water.

This Starter Kit makes over 15 8oz bottles of Everything Soap and can be used to wash hands, dishes, floors and more.

How to use it:

Simply blend 1/2 the All Purpose Concentrate into the empty glass spray bottle and add purified water.

This starter kit makes 2 bottles of All Purpose Spray, the glass spray bottle can be used for future refills.

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