Our Story

building a better clean. We make safe + effective cleaning products for a happy healthy home

Our Mission

Be a driving force for change beyond our products by:

  • Creating a community for those who want better choices for home and personal care products.
  • Creating a standard of trust by offering completely transparent ingredient lists so you know exactly what you are bringing into your home.
  • Creating the tools that will motivate you to make the best choices for yourself, your family, and the environment.
  • Creating jobs and opportunities for others.

Karen Troutt
Founder & Co-Owner

I'm a wife, mother, health educator, and entrepreneur.

I'm a little bit country, have a passion for everything natural and truly enjoy creating these products. My favorite evenings consist of a seafood boil, taking in the sunset at the beach and relaxing around the bonfire with my family.

Must-have Gaia product? Uh...All of it! I'm refilling my all-purpose cleaner at least 1x/week. My favorite scent at the moment is lemon + basil. The everything soap is used in EVERY room of our house. Both products are a must-have and are used daily around the house.

What does a happy, healthy home mean to you? I believe to have a happy, healthy home is to embrace and better everything in our lives. Physical, mental, and emotional aspects play a part in the overall energy in the home. It’s knowing I don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients and the peace of mind that brings.

Karen Troutt Gaia Natural Home Founder + Co-Owner
Rachel Blackwood Gaia Natural Home CEO + Co-Owner


Must-have Gaia product? Orange & Tangerine Everything Soap. I'm a sucker for any citrus scent! I use this by every sink in my house, I even wash my baby with it.

What does a happy, healthy home mean to you? It¹s relaxed, comforting & usually filled with people. It's where everyone gathers for food, telling stories and lots of laughs because everyone is living well.

Rachel Blackwood

Instagram: @iamrachelblackwood

Wife. Mom. Health obsessed but loves french fries. Wellness Entrepreneur and Women's Business Advocate.

I have a passion for living well and entertaining. I believe that we can improve our lives through a more holistic view of wellness and balance. You most likely to find me at home with my family, cooking and hosting our friends.