You Are...
Methodical + Tidy!

You love a clean house and feel uncomfortable around clutter and messiness. You have a cleaning routine you stick to on a daily basis and are ready to host guests on the spot.

You would welcome cleaning concentrates as they would declutter that cleaning cabinet and can knock out all those cleaning chores with one bottle. Less fuss. Less Mess.

BONUS: 3 Quick Tips to Make Cleaning Easier...


1. Do a Quick Declutter


Less stuff means less to clean. Take a quick lap around the house and find 10 things that can GO today. You know what I’m talking about…that shirt you haven’t worn in 4 years, the socks sitting in the laundry room that hasn’t had a match in FOREVER, the junk drawer that’s been bothering you. A quick lap once a week will make a BIG difference in the clutter around you AND in your mind. A clean space is better for accomplishing the big tasks on your list.


2. Simplify Your Cleaning Routine


Toss the dozens of half-empty bottles cluttering up your cleaning cabinet and make the switch to a cleaning concentrate that makes cleaning easier, faster, and more sustainable. Did you know it makes 12 refills? Find the Starter Kit here. Use code QUIZ for 20% off your order.


3. Develop a Positive Cleaning Habit


If you don’t make your bed every day, it’s ALWAYS my first recommendation. If you do, find another positive cleaning habit that will make your daily tasks easier and accomplish it every day. How? Set a designated time of day to do it, before or after something you ALWAYS do – like brushing your teeth. For example, every day after I brush my teeth, I make my bed. No exceptions. And, I start my day with a quick win, a task crossed off my list and it feels good when I’m moving around the house to see that bed, all made up and tidy.


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