We loved our old product line, so why are we changing?

It's really simple. Natural, effective ingredients are expensive.  But, safe cleaning products shouldn't be a luxury.   You deserve to be able to clean your home without mystery chemicals that can harm your family and without unnecessary plastic that harms our planet. It's that simple. 
So, we knew we needed to make a change to our product lineup to bring you more value while still keeping our core mission of bringing you the most effective cleaning products.
The changes you see will be us aligning our products with our mission. So, moving forward all of our products will 
  • save you money,
  • reduce plastic waste &
  • meet every one of our criteria for safe & effective cleaning
Want to know more about our commitment? You can read about it here.
Our Amazon store is still up and running but most of these products won't be returning in the same way. Don't worry! We will still have a fantastic lineup that will clean your whole house AND smell great. 
For now you can shop our limited legacy product on Amazon here: GAIA Amazon Store
In good health, 
Karen & Rachel

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