Washing Baby Bottles & 4 Ingredients I avoid by the kitchen sink

When I had Keller last year it'd been awhile since I'd had baby bottles to worry about. Like, 10 years. (Something I won't miss...washing baby bottles a bazillion times a day.) So many baby products were new and had changed & I loved all the new bottle options on the market. But, there was also new products telling me I needed a different wash for baby bottles than other dishes. (What?)  There was literally a whole row of options for Baby Bottle Wash at Target. 

One of the things we really wanted to do with our Everything Soap was to save our community some space and create ONE product that could sit next to the sink and wash hands, dishes and, yes, even baby bottles easily. 

Mamas, if you are washing Baby Bottles over and over (and over) again like I am (yes, he's 12 months but STILL loves his bottles) then save yourself some time, space and money and try our Everything Soap. 

A quick note on a couple of ingredients I avoid in dish soaps (for bottles or dishes cause it's not just the babies in the house I'm worried about). 

TRICLOSAN: this has been linked to everything from cancer to endocrine/hormone disruption AND is dangerous to aquatic life but sadly is a very common ingredient in some big name "cleaners".

METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE: this has been labeled for acute aquatic toxicity and skin irritations and allergies.

FRAGRANCE: always a NO in my book because you can't know what's in it.

SULFATES: acute aquatic toxicity (yikes for washing this stuff down the drains) and some general concerns with everything from vision, to skin allergies and respiratory issues. 

As always, if it doesn't list the ingredients I don't buy it. 

Here's to living well, friends!


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