Toss it Tuesday: DEET #tossittuesday


It’s the season for super bugs here in Texas, hopefully it’s better where you are but if not you’re gonna need some protection.

The problem? Most conventional bug sprays rely on DEET to keep the bugs at bay. It’s a controversial ingredient and although the EPA has weighed in on it twice saying they couldn’t find an immediate threat, they didn’t complete some important tests, like endocrine screening.  There are scientists working with DEET who have some scary notes about it.  In fact, it seems that in the scientific community there are some questions about why DEET even works. It’s largely an unknown, mainly scientists weren’t sure why bugs stayed away from it.    

When Dr. Abou Donia, a Duke University pharmacologist, was working with rats and DEET he found that “rats treated with an average human dose of DEET (40 mg/kg body weight) performed far worse than control rats when challenged with physical tasks requiring muscle control, strength and coordination.”  Dr. Donia went on to note that DEET caused “neurons to die in regions of the brain that control muscle movement, learning, memory and concentration.” According to Dr. Donia the risk posed in brain changes to children is higher after DEET exposure because their skin absorbs it more readily. Yikes. 

To be on the safe side, we rely on essential oils. Now, I will tell you I’ve tried LOTS of bug sprays over the last few years since we get these super crazy mosquitos here that seem to love me and my kids. Here are some of my favorite options for safe and healthy Bur Spray when I’m headed outdoors.

Rocky Mountain Oils: This little roller ball is super easy to use and keeps all the critters away. Click here to check it out.  

Bite Me Bug Free: This one comes in cute little packaging options, like shimmer. Click here to take a peek.

DIY Bug Spray:

If you are already an essential oil lover and enjoy the DIY options out there so you know you are getting the safest blend available here’s what I make for my family:

2 oz of witch hazel 
2 oz of distilled water
essential oil 
20-25 drops for kids age 3+
40-50 drops for adults and kids age 10+
My favorites to use are: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Citronella and Geranium
Here's to staying bug free,

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