Thinking about getting started with Green Cleaning?

Are you on the fence about switching to a greener cleaning routine or wondering if your cleaning products are green enough? 

Here are the facts:

We all know that cleaning products are essential to create and maintain healthy living conditions at home. The removal of allergens and germs are very important to keep our family safe and healthy. However, certain cleaning ingredients can also attribute to several health and environmental concerns. Common chemicals used in cleaning products can be associated with eye, skin, respiratory, and other health issues.

During normal use, cleaning products are released into the environment through evaporation, rinsing down the drain, and residue left on surfaces. Because of this, certain ingredients can present hazardous concerns like skin and eye irritation, toxicity to the human body, and aquatic species.

Click here for a list of what to avoid (and you will never see these on our labels).

 Benefits of buying green cleaners: 

  • Choosing less hazardous products that have positive environmental attributes (e.g., biodegradability, low toxicity, low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, reduced packaging, low life cycle energy use) and taking steps to reduce exposure can minimize harmful impacts to our bodies, homes, improve indoor air quality, reduce water and ambient air pollution while also ensuring the effectiveness of cleaning in removing allergens and germs.
  • Buying cleaners in concentrates with appropriate handling safeguards, and reusable, reduced, or recyclable packaging, reduces packaging waste and transportation energy.
  • Buying less hazardous cleaners may reduce costs when it comes time to properly dispose of any leftover cleaners.

What makes Gaia Natural Cleaners the best cleaning brand on the market today? 

We thought you'd never ask! 

  1. GAIA products contain MINIMAL INGREDIENTS(less is more when it comes to green cleaners) and the ingredients we use are NATURALNON-TOXIC, and super EFFECTIVEin cleaning.  Below you'll find a list of ingredients we use with a link to the EWG Cleaning Guide so you can see where they rank in safety.
  2. GAIA products are CONCENTRATEDwithREUSABLE bottles with additional REFILL options.  
  3. GAIA uses PURE ESSENTIAL OILS to scent products. Absolutely NO FRAGRANCE.

 Click here for a full list of our ingredients and their EWG ratings.

In good health, 


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