Thanksgiving Ideas 2020

Not-So-Normal Thanksgiving Ideas

My family’s Thanksgiving is going to look much different this year as I’m sure yours will too. I’m trying to stay positive and will do my best to make it a memorable one - in a positive way! I wanted to share a few things that I’m implementing this year. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to try them too!

How we will enjoy a different Thanksgiving...

Get the family in the Kitchen!
Every year most moms are cooking in the kitchen all morning/afternoon while our husband and kids entertain themselves. Not this year! I plan on assigning one dish per family member (with instructions of course) and they are 100% responsible for making the dish in its entirety. Who knows - I may even get us matching aprons!

Dessert Bake-Off (bake the day before)
We are an ultra competitive family. So why not put it to good use? I’ll let each family choose
what type of dessert they would like to make for the contest. I’ll gather all ingredients and recipe instructions and they’ll take it from there. I plan on doing this the day before so I’m not overwhelming them too much day-of Thanksgiving. Contest judging will be held directly after our Thanksgiving meal. Winner doesn’t have to help with post-dinner clean-up!

Homemade Ornaments for our Christmas Tree
We always go get our freshly cut Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. To remember our
unique year of 2020 we are going to make some homemade ornaments. You can find great ideas on pinterest, but I’m thinking we’ll do some super cute gnomes like this.

If you have any ideas you would like to share with us please do! I wish ya’ll a safe and memorable Thanksgiving!

Written by Karen Troutt

Karen is the founder & creator of Gaia's cleaning line and co-owner of Gaia Natural Home. She's a health educator and stresses the importance of prevention. She found a need and was determined to create truly "clean" cleaning products after her 3 children were born. With her husband, Jason (a biochemist), by her side she was able to develop high-quality, toxic-free cleaners. You'll find her in the flower garden, cooking in the kitchen, at the ball fields, and hanging at the beach with her family in Santa Rosa Beach, FL along the famous 30a highway.

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