Swap it out: Kitchen Sponge

Easy Swap: The Kitchen Sponge

Why they need to go...

The Kitchen Sponge. It seems innocent enough and you’ve gotta clean your dishes with something, right?

Here's why I made the switch:

What to use instead:

The Skoy is made from cotton and is long-lasting, easy-to-clean and will scrub off just about anything you need to. Throw it in the dishwasher to clean.

Bonus: they last FOREVER. My last 2-pack made it through almost a full year of daily use.

Making a quick, simple swap can make a big difference.

A general rule for regular, disposable Kitchen Sponges is to replace them once a week to keep germs at bay. If you are following that rule that's 52 sponges you're tossing each year or over 3,000 sponges in your lifetime.

2-pack of Skoy scrub. Skoy Scrub is a reusable scrub made from cotton and a food grade non-toxic hardener

Sold out

Written by Rachel Blackwood

Rachel is co-owner of Gaia Natural Home. She's a certified Health & Wellness Coach and is passionate about coaching families making the transition to green living. You're most likely to find her at home with her family, cooking and hosting friends. She's a wife, mom to two great kids and splits her time between Dallas, TX and the Mountains in CO.

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