Dirtiest Spots in your home: #1 The Sink

October 20, 2020

Problem Solver

Top 3 Dirtiest spots in your home:

You thought I was going to say the toilet didn't you?

What's in your sink?

Seems like it wouldn't be in the TOP 3 list so what's causing the sink to hold on of the dirtiest spots in your home? Basically, it's because there's a lot of activity here and it holds all kinds of germs and bacteria from food and routine handling. Food particles left in soaking dishes become a breeding ground for all kinds of gross bacteria. Use a conventional sponge? That adds to the overall factor as they can hold more germs that your average toilet. Yep.

Easy solutions to getting (& keeping) the sink clean?

>> Make a swap to replace that grimy sponge with something that won't hold germs.

>> Give your sink a scrub once you shut down the kitchen at night.

Give germs the boot.

Once your sink is empty just add a simple step of sprinkling some Surface Scrub in the sink, giving a squirt of Everything Soap (or other green dish soap) and give it a scrub with warm water.

Best scrubber? Hands down the Skoy Scrub. It's environemtnally friendly, germ eliminating design is built to re-use. Just toss it in the dishwasher for a quick disinfecting clean.

Want a quick way to start getting rid of the germs in your sink? Try our Kitchen Sink Bundle and save on our best-selling Kitchen products.


Written by Rachel Blackwood

Rachel is co-owner of Gaia Natural Home. She's a certified Health & Wellness Coach and is passionate about coaching families making the transition to green living. You're most likely to find her at home with her family, cooking and hosting friends. She's a wife, mom to two great kids and splits her time between Dallas, TX and the Mountains in CO.

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