Meet Karen, Founder & Co-Owner

We're so glad to kick off the Happy, Healthy Home blog with some introductions. First up, meet Karen.

I'm a little hippy, a little country and have a passion for everything natural and I truly enjoy creating these products. To relax,  I plan a pizza (it's all about moderation!) and movie night at home with my crazy, amazing, beautiful family.

Favorite Gaia Item
All-purpose cleaner in mint.  It smells so fresh! I use it in the morning to spray down counters after breakfast, throughout the day to clean up my work station and in the evening to clean up after dinner.  It also makes a great air freshener.  I even use it on our bulldog, Rosie's, bedding to freshen it up.  Cleaning days? It’s essential for toilets, counters, showers and to spot clean floors.  

I've always been a hippy at heart and as I got older,  I was conscious about what products I brought into the house.  I wasn't perfect, but aware and improving.  After our children were born, the "awareness" was kicked into high gear, especially after our twin boys were born prematurely. I was cleaning the house one day and I was studying the labels on the "natural" cleaning products and it hit me..."I can do better”.  

What does a happy healthy home mean to me?
I believe to have a happy, healthy home is to embrace and better everything in our lives.  Physical, mental, and emotional aspects play a part in the overall energy in the home.  Gaia plays a small part overall, but it’s a very important role.  It’s knowing I don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients and the peace of mind that brings. 

Where do I live?
I started Gaia in an Indiana farmers market with my kids by my side.  We since moved to Florida and we love the sunshine and warm weather all year round!

How did you know where to start when creating cleaning products from scratch?
My college degree and career focus before I started Gaia was health promotion and disease prevention, using that knowledge and the help of a trusted biochemist, I worked tirelessly for years to correct the formulas so that they would be safe but also effective in killing germs and truly providing a clean solution. Once I had created something that I was comfortable using around my kids + pets, I knew I was onto something.  

Favorite room?
Easy. Kitchen!  I love to cook. My favorite recipe is my boilermaker chili (Go Purdue!), but I love to throw fresh seafood and veggies on the grill whenever possible. Now that I have an instant pot it's my new dinner obsession...I'm always trying new recipes.  I practically live in the kitchen.

Why is woman-owned business important to me?
I am so proud to be a woman and I want to shout it out loud!  Women need to empower and support each other. Being a certified woman-owned business (WBENC) allows us to show strength and confidence in ourselves, each other, and to the entire entrepreneurial world.   

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