Everything Soap: Dog Shampoo

Our Everything Soap is a Wonder Dog Shampoo!

Meet Rosie, our English Bulldog. She is the cutest dog you'll ever see (I may be a little biased). Some of you may know that bulldogs are prone to severe allergies and skin conditions. It's a constant battle.  Since our adoption of Rosie 3 years ago I have been researching and buying what I thought was the best dog shampoo for sensitive skin and allergies (and those specialized for bulldogs). I've tried countless brands and nothing seemed to work. Then came the Everything Soap. I developed the Everything Soap for everyday "people" use...hands, body, dishes, etc. Well, one day after I showered using the Everything Soap (It's an awesome body soap by the way), I thought to myself, "Why not try this on Rosie?" The ingredients are natural, sensitive and the pure essential oils would be good for her skin and coat. 

That afternoon I bathed her with the Everything Soap and oh my goodness - her coat was the cleanest and softest it's ever been - and smelled fresh! The redness around her mouth went away, the red splotches on her belly went away and after a couple of uses, her red & irritated paws that she was constantly licking and biting cleared up!!  

Seriously, the Everything Soap is a WONDER dog shampoo. If you have a furry baby of your own I highly recommend using this soap. 

Gaia would love for you to share pictures and stories with us after using the Everything Soap on your own special doggie. We are HUGE pet lovers!

How to use: Just a few pumps straight from the bottle (undiluted) right onto her coat.


As an added note - I have used both Orange + Tangerine and the Wellness Blend on Rosie and they are equally effective.

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Happy Bathing!

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