Baby, Bath & Body Wash

Bath & Body Wash

Keeping our littlest ones
safe + clean.

Safe + effective in the bath.

Confession: I take too many pictures of my son. Lots of them are playing with bubbles in the bath.

It's just super cute and I promise not to show them to anyone he brings home on a date. Probably.

These little ones are the reason we started creating our products, making them safe and effective for even the littlest family members.

This is one of the easiest possible uses for our Everything Soap:

* For more bubbles use straight from the pump, I use about 5-6 pumps in Keller's bubble baths, he LOVES bubbles.

* To use it in your shower (yes, you can even wash your hair with it) use the concentrate and give it a good rinse.

Written by Rachel Blackwood

Rachel is co-owner of Gaia Natural Home. She's a certified Health & Wellness Coach and is passionate about coaching families making the transition to green living. You're most likely to find her at home with her family, cooking and hosting friends. She's a wife, mom to two great kids and splits her time between Dallas, TX and the Mountains in CO.

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