3 Ways I'm Curating a Happy, Healthy Home This Week (Karen)

I think in one way or another most of us are at our wit's end having dealt with this pandemic the last couple of months.

Here are a few things I do at home in an effort to keep our environment as positive and productive as possible.


1. Fresh Air. I start each morning with fresh air. If the weather is nice, I open as many windows and doors as possible and turn on my fans.  The fresh air helps me feel more energized and gets me in the right frame of mind....along with my lavazza coffee of course.  If I have the time, I take my coffee outdoors...I stroll through my yard, checking out the garden, or make my way to the beach for a relaxing morning walk.


2. Structure for the Kids. I try to keep the kids daily schedule structured as much as possible.  Having online school tests everyone's patience.   After each school lesson, I have them take a small break by getting some exercise. Even if it's 15 minutes of activity.  It helps keep them stay focused and lets out some energy that sometimes even their mama can't take. They also participate in house chores.  They are in charge of unloading the dishwasher and taking care of sorting and putting away their own laundry etc...  


3. Family Filled Evenings.  Each evening we try to do something a little different, but all include us being together.  I cook most evenings, but take-out is a great option if I'm not feeling up to the task. Our dinners are together at the table or watching a good Netflix show.  We rotate activities for our after-dinner entertainment.  We have had some very competitive ping pong tournaments, what seems to be an everlasting game of aggravation (with some Heads Up thrown in the mix occasionally), relaxing bonfires, and walks on the beach with our bulldog, Rosie.


Let us know what you're doing in your home - the more we can support each other and share ideas the better!


In good health,


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