3 Ways I'm Curating a Happy, Healthy Home This Week (Rachel)

So many of us are spending a LOT of time at home right now. If you're like me it's ALL DAY, EVERY DAY and it's getting old. 

Keeping things positive can get tough, but here are 3 ways I'm working to keep our home Happy & Healthy this week(end). 

1. We are trying a new meal. We've been eating at home WAAAAAAY more than we normally do and are getting tired of our go-to meals. So this weekend we are having this: Wood Fired Lasagna - I'll even put my 11 year old to work in the kitchen and help.  It'll likely be followed up by a game of Heads Up at the dinner table (I'm the reigning champ in our house, fyi.)

2. We will get fresh air everyday. It's warm here in Dallas right now and we are walking, riding bikes, sitting on our patios and just generally breathing all of the fresh air we can. In the mornings before it gets hot I'm opening up my doors and windows and letting my home fill with fresh air as well.

3. I'm diffusing some fresh, spring scents. I'm loving this blend right now (which just might make it to a GAIA All Purpose Cleaner soon). 

  • 5 drops Lemon
  • 1 drop Basil
  • 1 drop Spearmint

In good health, 


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