3 Things to Look for on a Label

How to identify a "green" safe cleaner

Look for these 3 red flags on a label.

All cleaners aren't created the same. Using labels like "Organic", "Plant Based" and "Natural" are unregulated terms and don't always mean a product will live up to your standards. So, we made it easy - here are the top 3 things to look for when you're picking a safe cleaner for your family.

Labels can be confusing.

I wish we could tell you that you can trust what you see on a label, but for now it's a buyer beware situation out there. Here are the immediate "NO" flags for us when we look at products.

1. "Fragrance" is listed as an ingredient. Even if it says "Natural Fragrance" this is a questionable item on an ingredient list. By law, the term fragrance means there's no obligation for the company to tell you what is in their "fragrance" since it can be considered proprietary. It's one of the most common places where you will see ingredients that can trigger allergy and asthma. Many fragrance elements can contain pthalates and other known carcinagens and they don't have to label it. So, anything with "fragrance" is always a NO.

2. They don't list their full ingredients. This can be a tricky one but these don't have to legally be on the label. If it says "Contains" or "Ingredients Include" then there's a really good chance that's only a partial list which naturally makes us skeptical.

3. It lists "Active" Ingredients. For the majority of your cleaning needs you really don't need any "active" ingredients. This usually means there is an antimicrobial pesticide which can be hazardous, especially around young kids and pets.

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Written by Rachel Blackwood

Rachel is co-owner of Gaia Natural Home. She's a certified Health & Wellness Coach and is passionate about coaching families making the transition to green living. You're most likely to find her at home with her family, cooking and hosting friends. She's a wife, mom to two great kids and splits her time between Dallas, TX and the Mountains in CO.

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