Build a Better Cleaning Cabinet


Earth Friendly

Makes 12 Refills

Safe for Kids + Pets

About $1 per Refill

Easy to Use


We're Reinventing the Cleaning Cabinet

No mystery ingredients here. Our Concentrates replace dozens of other cleaners in your cabinet. It's easy to save money and reduce your plastic waste by 92%.


Is your cleaning cabinet a cluttered mess?

It’s stressful to see a cluttered mess of plastic bottles. Most cleaning products are 95% water and filled with ingredients you can't pronounce. Skip the mystery ingredients and save the plastic.

Our Concentrates clean it all, with none of the mystery. Your cleaning cabinets will thank you.

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All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

Foaming Soap Concentrate

Sustainable Cleaning Tools

Made with Love

Made in the USA with love, clean ingredients + essential oils. Want to know why we created Gaia Natural Home?

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